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Standard Features

Teton Structures Standard Building Construction Features

Standard Building Construction

  1. 3 in. Sidewall overhang with 1×4 faceboard and wood corners
  2. 60 in. Double door with a double 2×4 header
  3. Accent your building with your choice of paint color for the trim
  4. 1/2 in. SmartPanel fastened with galvanized nails, exterior acrylic latex paint
  5. Pressure Treated 4×4 skids, joists 16 in. on center, 3/4 in. plywood flooring
  6. 2×4 wall studs 16 in. on center, double 2×4 wall plate on buildings over 16 ft. long
  7. 2 ½ in. Gable overhang with 1×4 faceboard
  8. 2×4 rafters on 16 in. centers, collar ties on 4 ft. centers used on buildings over 12 ft. long
  9. 30 year architectural shingles over 7/16 in. OSB roof sheeting

Economy Building Construction

We offer an economy line in all of our building styles. The following points outline the main differences between our standard and economy buildings.

  • 1 1/2 in. Gable overhang
  • 48 in. single swing door
  • Building and trim painted the same color – two tone upgrade available

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