Need an Office Cabin to Work from Home?

With our recent changes in the world today many people have started working from home. However we all know that activity around us can be distracting to be efficient in our work. Moreover it is hard to stay focused in the middle of normal family living. Maybe a cabin at home would be the answer, but also have an organized office space to manage your workflow. Do you dream of a place to call your own at home and still enjoy the perks of an office work space?

Office Cabin

Hobby work area.

Maybe you feel a need of a comfortable place to go to relax and work on your hobbies. It is nice not to have to clean up space in your home or shop to work in every day. Here is a place to retreat to and call your own. Here life goes on outside of your cabin, and doesn’t interfere with your workspace. Your cabin quietly waits for you to return and continue your project.

Cozy Cabin Getaway

Sometimes life is busy and it would feel good to unwind somewhere peaceful without the expense of travel. Imagine the convenience of a cabin in your own yard? Here is a place that can be fixed to your preferences.

Cabin Storage

Perhaps you need an attractive shed on your property to store and organize those items that have no proper place to go.

cabin office

Office Cabin Options

We have some options for you here at Teton Structures. For instance this particular 14×36 high wall office cabin comes with a 6′ porch. Because it has three 36×36 windows it allows for plenty of light and views of the surrounding area. Also another great feature is the loft over the porch which allows for extra storage. The exterior of the building is attractive log siding with sable stain. The roof is burnished slate metal, and the porch has a composite floor. For an added benefit we can spray foam the whole building for good insulation. Check in with us for more features that would meet your direct needs and usage.

2 thoughts on “Need an Office Cabin to Work from Home?

  1. How is it built
    2×4 or 2×6 any insulation, walls on 16″ centers
    Do you have the plans to look at

    Cost with delivery included

    1. Thanks for your message. We typically build with 2×4’s on 16 inch centers, but we can upgrade to 2×6 construction. We can also do insulation.

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