Run-in shelter for your animals.

We can help you quickly get your animals inside out of the weather by using a run-in shelter. The wind has really been blowing here in Cheyenne, Wyoming. the last couple days and I sure am glad I have a warm place to get inside out of the biting cold.  With a simple, affordable run-in […]

Horse Barn, 36×48 Modular in Sheridan WY

Exciting new Modular Horse Barn project Our crew just setup this horse barn in Sheridan, WY! This fabulous rancher style horse barn was delivered in six sections and then installed by our team. We used a crane to set the pieces in place and then built two additional eight foot wide lean-tos onsite on both […]

Salt Box Shed, 14 x 20 Custom

I want to show you an interesting Salt Box project that we built recently near Cheyenne Wy. This custom shed had to be built on-site because it was impossible to get a loaded trailer to the shed site. We started out by carrying all of our tools, lumber and supplies up a big hill and […]

Introducing Our New Shed Delivery Trailer

We just purchased a new Shed Delivery Trailer here at Teton Structures. We have made several deliveries with it and it has been working real well for us. Two of us left early Monday morning and drove straight through to Pine Hill Trailers in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.  After traveling 1,600 miles we arrived there about […]

Run-in Shed

  We just delivered this red run-in shed up to Goose Lane in Sheridan, WY. This 12 ft. x 36 ft. run-in barn is fully enclosed on both sides making a nice place for the horses to get in out of the wind.  There is a stall on either end and an open area in […]

It’s Still Raining!

Are you getting tired of all this rain that we have been having?  It’s pretty easy to get tired of it; however, it sure is going to be nice for all those who rely on the grass for their cattle and horses and for those gardeners. Thankfully we are able to work inside our shop […]