Onsite Shed Construction Video

We are again offering onsite shed construction! For those of you who have limited access to your backyard, we can build onsite. Typically our sheds are delivered right to your property with a pickup and shed trailer. However, there are some times when this isn’t possible. We don’t want you to miss out on owning a quality shed that will stand up to Wyoming weather simply because we can’t get a trailer into your backyard.

Depending on the size of your shed our crew members will build your here at our facilities, inside out of the weather. We then take the shed back apart as wall sections and load it on a trailer. Once we back up to your property our team will carry the sections through your backyard. We then will assemble it again in a matter of hours. Sometimes the sheds are too large to carry in to your backyard. In those cases we will build everything right there.

This week we kept our eye on the weather looking for a warm afternoon. Those days have been pretty short and far between lately. But on Wednesday morning we sent several fellows out to shovel away several patches of snow and then in the afternoon we loaded this Saltbox shed up on our trailer and headed out to the customers address. After pulling up and unloading all the pieces and started our stop watches. The sun was out and a few of the guys took off their coats and away they went. 1 1/2 hours later there she stood, a classy addition to our customers backyard.

Onsite Construction

We want to thank our customer for purchasing this 10 x 16 shed from Teton Structures and also thank our crew for the hard work and attention to detail each person had. When we approach a job like this with teamwork and everyone does what is required the job is accomplished quickly.

If you need a shed, but can’t get a trailer into your backyard check in with us at 307-214-0705 and see about our onsite shed construction. Onsite fees apply.