Modular Barn Rancher Series

Modular Horse Barn Setup

Our Rancher Series barns by Teton Structures are an easy way to add a beautiful, customized barn to your property without the hassle, time, and cost of new construction.  We build our barns in our facility in three sections.  We then bring the three sections out to your site and lift the centerpiece up into the air while sliding the outside pieces in against the middle section.  These three sections are then securely bolted together forming a strong reliable building assembled in a day.

We have the expertise to help you customize the design based on your own unique needs. We will deliver and assemble a completed structure on your property quickly and efficiently. It really is that easy.

Standard Sizes
SizeStallsTack Room
30’x24′(3) 10×12(1) 10×12
30’x30′(3) 10×15(1) 10×15
30’x36′(5) 10×12(1) 10×12
36’x24′(3) 12×12(1) 12×12
36’x36′(5) 12×12(1) 12×12
36’x48′(7) 12×12(1) 12×12
36’x60′(9) 12×12(1) 12×12
36’x72′(11) 12×12(1) 12×12
Call to discuss other configurations

Standard Features

  • Includes Sliding doors on both ends of the barn for easy access
  • Includes a 29 gauge metal roof
  • Includes 6″ Eave overhangs
  • Choose Exterior options included in the price:
    • Exterior Walls -Pine board and batten siding with Penofin Stain
    • Exterior Walls -Painted LP Smartside®

Options with Additional Costs:

  • Upgrade to 14 ft. center aisle
  • Upgrade to “Free Span” center section (This will have no supports on the first floor providing a clear area on the ground level. Typically not used when horse stalls or tack room is chosen.)
  • Add optional windows to allow for plenty of sunlight and ventilation
  • Add optional windows to end sliding doors
    • Full window
    • Half window (Transom)
  • Add optional 8 ft. wide lean-to on either side of your barn to provide shade or additional storage space
  • Add optional 3rd Gable Entrance to the side of the barn for added eye appeal and serviceability.
  • Change roof from metal to shingles
  • Add optional Cupolas (non-ventilating) helps to complete the look of your barn
  • Inside floor plans are customizable to suit your needs
  • Add a Loft:

    • Half Loft
      • Loft ladder (on the sidewall)
      • Raiseable Stairs (hand crank to raise)
      • Permanent Interior Stairs (blocks center aisle)
      • Permanent Exterior Stairs (with 5 ft x 10 ft Deck)
    • Full Loft
      • Loft ladder (on the sidewall)
      • Permanent Interior Stairs (blocks center aisle)
      • Permanent Exterior Stairs (with 5 ft x 10 ft Deck)
  • Add Stalls:

    • Includes 2 x 8 tongue and groove boards from floor to ceiling inside and outside of the stall
    • Includes a sliding door to the interior center aisle
    • Includes bite caps on all stall edges
    • Includes powder-coated grills on stall fronts and partitions
    • Optional Exterior Door (optional window with or without bars)
    • Optional Exterior Dutch Door (optional window with or without bars)
    • Optional Windows (optional bars over the window)
    • Standard sliding stall doors
      • Upgrade to Yoke door (horse can put head through to aisle)
      • Upgrade to Swing Back Grill (horse can put head through to aisle)
  • Add a Tack-room or Utility Room:

    • Includes a wooden floor
    • Includes a door to the center aisle
    • Add windows
    • Add a door to exterior