Introducing Our New Shed Delivery Trailer


We just purchased a new Shed Delivery Trailer here at Teton Structures.

We have made several deliveries with it and it has been working real well for us.

Two of us left early Monday morning and drove straight through to Pine Hill Trailers in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.  After traveling 1,600 miles we arrived there about 5:30 am.   We hooked up to our new trailer soon after they opened.  We did a little shopping, ate some food and then headed west again arriving back at the shop Wednesday eve.  We were tired but thankful for a safe trip.

This storage shed delivery trailer is a 26 ft. model with a tongue extension that allows us to stretch it out to 40 ft.  That will allow us to haul several smaller sheds at one time and when we need to deliver a longer one we can do so with ease.  The rear of the trailer can also extend out and it has a neat feature that allows the rear 2 ft. of the trailer to be shifted sideways, 20 in. to the  left or right for exact shed positioning.

Another feature that this trailer has is a Barn Spinner which uses a hydraulic cylinder with a round flat plate in the center of axles of the trailer which allows us to lift the shed and manually rotate it.  This is really nice for those times when we get out to the customers site and they decide that they want the barn to door to be on the opposite side from what they originally planned. Thanks to the Barn Spinner we can accommodate those changes with ease.

All of these functions can be accessed from a remote control, so that our delivery driver can be standing behind the barn making adjustments as he sees best.

We look forward to the new functionality we can now achieve with this update and feel like it will be a benefit to you as well.  Keep your eyes open, you might see us heading out of Cheyenne with one of our barns.  Are we headed to your place soon?