An awesome structure and a very fair price

I purchased a high wall barn style shed from your company in July of 2013 with a delivery of two weeks and a total turn around time of less than a month.

To start this process you came over to my house to check out the site, listen to my needs, and show me all my options.
I was pretty sure I knew exactly what I wanted because I had been shopping for sheds for a long time and had even made a deal with one of your competitors.

That deal fell through with the other company (a blessing in disguise) because they could not deliver what I was asking and looking for, which they had promised could be delivered to get the contract, and had a take it or leave it attitude. The only reason I bring this up is because you and your company not only delivered exactly what I had ordered from the other company but you added windows and the door I actually wanted, all of which I would have had to put in later myself with the other company, for less money and way better quality than the original contract with the other company.

I received a much better product at a much better price, was treated with great respect by you and your staff, and had very little problems. The one small problem I did have was resolved with no hesitation or problems and in a very timely manner.

If I have the need to look for another structure, I will look to Teton Structures first and not last. That way I will save a lot of time and get an awesome structure and a very fair price with great customer service.

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