A wonderful addition to our property!

We have and will continue to highly recommend Teton Structures for any shed, barn or garage project you have. They answer phone calls, and show up when they say they will. More of the many reasons are as follows: The high quality of the materials. They employ professional, skilled and hard-working people who make the sheds. The construction site is immaculate. Debris is cleaned up immediately, and disposed of. There is no profanity, and no horse-play. The crew is hard-working and respectful. They love their work, and it shows. Gerald answered any questions we had.

They work until the project is completed. The crew’s work ethic is refreshing to see, in this day and age. Day 1, they showed up at 1:30 PM, with a trailer full of building materials (no prefabication). We figured they would unload the trailer, and call it a day. Instead, they worked until 5:30, and in that short time, they had a structure put up. An that structure is 12 x 20 feet! To get that much done in 4 hours is amazing to say the least.

Day 2, at 3:15 PM, and the shed is almost done. It is painted, the door and windows are in and trimmed, and work is progressing on the roof. I am sure they will be done at 5:30 (or sooner), a wonderful addition to our property. And, it was done in 24 hours! And, did we say that they answer phone calls, and show up when they say they will?

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