Run-in shelter for your animals.

We can help you quickly get your animals inside out of the weather by using a run-in shelter.

The wind has really been blowing here in Cheyenne, Wyoming. the last couple days and I sure am glad I have a warm place to get inside out of the biting cold.  With a simple, affordable run-in shelter we can help you   provide your animals with a warm place to get inside this holiday season.

We build run-in sheds that are designed with your animals in mind.  They are built using quality materials, ready to be delivered and setup on your property all in one day.  The inside of the shelters are protected part way up the wall with plywood to keep your animals from damaging the inside of the shed.  A 12′ x 28′ run-in shelter includes a handy 8′ x 12′ tack room for your tack and feed storage.  We have many colors and sizes to choose from.  12′ x 40′ is the largest shelter that we build at this point; however, we do have plans for a 14 foot wide shelter to be built in 2016.

12′ x 28′  $8,900.00 cash price +tax and delivery or Rent to Own $723.72 down and $354.36 per month on a 60 month plan.

10′ x 24′ $6,100.00 cash price +tax and delivery or Rent to Own $503.86 down and $244.43 per month on a 60 month plan.

10′ x 16′ $3,500 cash price +tax and delivery or Rent to Own $299.72 down and $142.36 60 months

We have other payment options available as well.

These high quality buildings are unique in the fact that they are called run-in shelters and that is typically thought of as an animal shelter, but they become extremely handy for keeping many other valuables out of the weather as well, such as your 4 wheelers, tractors and implements.

You can go inside your home in the evening knowing that your animals are protected from the wild Wyoming weather.   Now is the time to buy, the cold is here to stay.   Call today to order your Run-in Shelter! 307-214-0705 or fill out a quote request online.


run-in shelter
12′ x 28′ run in shed with tack room, two openings and a metal roof.


run-in shelter
10′ x 16′ run-in shed, metal roof, this shed does not have a tack room.


run-in shelter
10′ x 24′ run-in shelter with one opening, tack room, and shingled roof.