Shop Style Shed

Teton Structures Shop Style Shed

The shop style shed has a simple yet classy look. It is noted for it’s clean, straight cut lines while providing a practical solution for your needs ranging from storage to office space. We give you many options to choose from to make your shop your style.

We can customize your shop with doors on either of the sides or the end walls. You can have us install one window or add multiple windows and turn it into a greenhouse with added skylights. We will also build interior walls in your shed if you want to partition off part of the building into a seperate room.

Our shop style sheds give you plenty of wall space. Buildings up to 8 ft. wide have walls 78 in. tall and wider buildings have walls 87 in. tall. Our shops are built with a 5/12 pitch roof. A clever way to conserve your wall space is to use transom windows (none opening windows) in your door or place them higher up the wall. This will give you more room to hang your rakes and shovels and still allow sunlight to enter your shop.

Shop Style Standard Construction

  1.   Pressure Treated 4×6 skids, joists 16 in. on center, 3/4 in. tongue and groove plywood flooring
  2.   2×4 wall studs 16 in. on center, double 2×4 wall plate on buildings over 16 ft. long
  3.   2×4 rafters on 16 in. centers, collar ties on 4 ft. centers used on buildings over 12 ft. long
  4.   3/8 in. LP SmartPanel® fastened with galvanized nails, exterior acrylic latex paint
  5.   Hurricane ties between every rafter and the side wall
  6.   Floor joist hangers on buildings over 16 ft. long
  7.   3 in. Sidewall overhang with 1×4 LP Smartside® faceboard and wood corners
  8.   60 in. or smaller double door with a double 2×4 header
  9.   Accent your building with your choice of two standard paint colors
  10.   2 ½ in. Gable overhang with 1×4 faceboard
  11.   #1 grade, 29 gauge metal roof, 40 year paint warranty, over 7/16 in. OSB roof sheeting
  12.   Or 30 year architectural shingles over 7/16 in. OSB roof sheeting

We provide free delivery within 30 miles of our sales lots.